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The Streams

Remembering the pattern: One Jubilee sets the stage, prepares the way and leads to the next Jubilee.

Mapping It’s Streams

The Stream of Jerusalem

The Jubilee of 1867:

Key figure(s): Charles Warren

What is done: AS he maps out the parameters of ancient Jerusalem he accidentally uncovers the ancient city

The Jubilee of 1917:

Key figure(s): General Edmund Allenby

What is done: Liberates Jerusalem

The Jubilee of 1967:

Key figure(s): Israeli Soldiers

What is done: Enter the Gates of Jerusalem and restore the city itself to the Jewish people

The Jubilee of 2017:

Key figure(s): President Donald Trump, USA

What is done: Recognizes and affirms Israels right to Jerusalem as it’s capital city, move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. Several other countries follow suit.

The Stream of the Land

The Jubilee of 1867:

Key figure(s): Rulers of the Ottoman Empire

What is done: Enacts a law that, unbeknownst to them, begins the release of the land.

The Jubilee of 1917:

Key figure(s): General Edmund Allenby and the British Army

What is done: Free the land from the Ottomans, begin the process that will see the nation of Israel restored to her land

The Jubilee of 1967:

Key figure(s): Israeli Military

What is done: The most dramatic release of the land in Jewish history

Date of the enactment of the Ottoman Land Code – June 10, 1867

Date of the end of the 6 Day War – June 10, 1967

The Stream of the Political Realm

Theodor Herzl 1897: Wrote of the founding of the Jewish Nation that while relatively unnoticed then in fifty years the whole world would know of it.

Fifty years later, to the day: The United Nations completed the plan that would bring Israel into existence.

The Streams

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Other Streams

The Stream of the Soldier

Remember the restoration and the reversal of the Jubilee: What was lost will be restored.

The last Jewish soldiers in the Promised Land: Killed and driven out by a foreign power

The reversal of that would be: Jewish soldiers coming in, killing and driving out the occupying force.

The fulfillment of this in the Jubilee of 1917:

God using an unusual vessel for the restoration of the Jewish Military

A man by the name of John Henry Patterson

Who was: An Irish Christian

He grew up with the Bible, reading of ancient Israel’s heroes and warriors

Military career: Joined the British Army at 17 years of age, advanced through the ranks, finally retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

His Zionist Connection came about from his interaction with Joseph Trumeldor and Ze’ev Jabotinsky. These men envisioned a Jewish fighting force in the Holy Land. Patterson cought the vision and became their champion in the British Army.

Through his efforts The Zion Mule Corps was born. This Corp transported munitions and supplies to the front line units in 1915 and 1916.

It’s service while outstanding, exemplary, and highly commended by the British high command was not exactly what these men had in mind.

Patterson dreamed of leading a group of Jewish soldiers in the Promised Land to fight for it’s return to the Jewish people.

He persisted in his efforts and the result was the disbanding of the Zion Mule Corps and the birth of The Jewish Legion in 1917 (the Jubilee Year). This was the first band of Jewish Soldiers to fight on the soil of the Holy Land since the days of the Roman Empire.

It’s role in the British Army and Allenby’s forces was crucial to the outcome of the war. It is estimated that by the end of the campaign one out of every six soldiers under Allenby’s command was part of the Jewish Legion.

Some notable members of the Jewish Legion: Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (2nd President of the nation of Israel), Yaakov Dori, first Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, Eliyahu Golomb, designer and implementer of the Haganah, Israel’s underground defense force and David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, considered the founding Father of the nation.

Patterson’s role beyond World War I: Labored the rest of his lfe for Israel’s restoration. He died in 1947, on the eve of the nation’s birth, but his role would extend beyond his lifetime through the role members of the Jewish Legion would play in Israel’s founding and protection, including their involvement in the 6 Day War. In the Jubilee of 1967 Levi Eshkohl was the Prime Minister of Israel and the chief overseer of the 6 Day War. His preparation had begun 50 years (1 Jubilee) earlier as a part of Patterson’s Jewish Legion.

Patterson had a strong connection with the Netanyahu family, doing something almost unprecedented for a Gentile to be so honored, and served as the godfather to Benjamin Netanyahu’s younger brother, who became a national hero when he gave his life to save Israeli hostages. It was his brother’s death that led Benjamin Netanyahu into a lifetime of service to his nation.

Looking at Jubilee connections and dates:

Benjamin Netanyahu whose family was connected with Patterson from the time of the Jubilee of 1917 was the Prime Minister of Israel in 2017, when Jerusalem was finally and formally recognized as Israel’s capital.

1917 Jewish soldiers appear in the land

1967 Jewish soldiers liberate Jerusalem’s

1867 – John Henry Patterson is born

1917 – John Henry Patterson leads the Jewish legion to liberate the Holy Land

1917 – Birth of Shlomo Goren

1967 – Rabbi/General Shlomo Goren is central figure and symbol of the Jubilee as “The Man with the Trumpet” at the liberation of Jerusalem

1917 Eliezer Sukenik, who would become Israel’s Chief Archeologist and translator of the Dead Sea Scrolls was a soldier in Patterson’s Jewish Legion. Also in that same year a son was born to Sukenik, a man the world would know Yigael Yadin, the archeologist who excavated Masada. What is not as well known is that Yadin was also a a career military officer

1967 – Yigael Yadin Head of Operations in the 6 Day War

Words of Isaiah quoted by Rabbi Goren at the liberation of Jerusalem, unbeknownst to him, were the same words that 50 years earlier were the reading in Allenby’s Book of Common Prayer for that day:  Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God.

 Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: