Online Midweek February 3

The Trumpet Man

Remember: Without the sound of the trumpet there would be no return, no restoration, no Jubilee.

Looking at the Jubilee of 1967

The Central act: Jerusalem’s return to the Jewish people.

The Central figure: Rabbi Shlomo Goren

The Jubilee of 2017

The Central act: The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The Central figure: President Donald Trump

The mystery of the Rabbi’s name:

Meanings: One meaning, which we have already seen, is threshing floor” (what the site of the Temple was originally – see II Samuel 24:10-25; This is where the Temple was eventually built)

The other meaning of “Goren” in Hebrew is trumpet

I started to wonder how this could be and then started thinking of words with more than one meaning in English. Here are just a few of them:

Arma part of the body, a weapon, to take up a weapon “arm yourself”

Bat: 1 a flying mammal, a piece of sports equipment (a number of different kinds used in various sports), 2 as a verb to hit or strike at something, 3 a descriptive phrase as in “it’s our turn at bat “

Clip: 1 Cut something, 2 attach something, item that attaches things, 4 illegal football play, Magazine for a gun

Compact Verb: Make smaller, Adjective: something that has been made smaller

Noun: Make up case

Desert: Verb: Abandon Noun: Dry sandy area

Dessert: Noun: Spelled slightly different but sounds the same as 1 of these: Most people’s favorite part of meal

Fair: An event like a festival, 2 Being just, 3 not too bad, 4 complexion

Minute: time measurement or something small

Second: time measurement, placement, something you do to a motion

The mystery of the name of the central figure of the Jubilee of 2017:

Really not a mystery at all. “Trump” is an old English word for trumpet or sounding the trumpet, often in a sudden, harsh jarring way

To a large extent this characterized the way in which President Trump could be seen

Other mysteries involving, meanings of names, significance of dates and Scriptures

The United States President: His name reveals the purpose for which he was born and became president. He sounded the Jubilee of 2017. Remember the focus is not about the vessel God uses or even what he may do before or after fulfilling his calling. He would eventually sound the Jubilee of 2017 and it’s main event the recognition, by a world power of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The United States Senate: On the date that marked the Jubilee of 2017 the United States Senate called on the President to recognize the right of the Israeli people to their ancestral possession, the City of Jerusalem.

A significant Scripture: Donald Trump was on a Friday, June 14, 1946. Friday ushers in the Jewish Sabbath. The Scripture appointed for that particular sabbath was Numbers 10:1-10:

The Lord spoke further to Moses, saying, 

2 “Make yourself two trumpets of silver, of hammered work you shall make them; and you shall use them for summoning the congregation and for having the camps set out.

 3 When both are blown, all the congregation shall gather themselves to you at the doorway of the tent of meeting. 

4 Yet if only one is blown, then the leaders, the heads of the divisions of Israel, shall assemble before you. 

5 But when you blow an alarm, the camps that are pitched on the east side shall set out. 

6 When you blow an alarm the second time, the camps that are pitched on the south side shall set out; an alarm is to be blown for them to set out. 

7 When convening the assembly, however, you shall blow without sounding an alarm. 

8 The priestly sons of Aaron, moreover, shall blow the trumpets; and this shall be for you a perpetual statute throughout your generations. 

9 When you go to war in your land against the adversary who attacks you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, that you may be remembered before the Lord your God, and be saved from your enemies. 

10 Also in the day of your gladness and in your appointed feasts, and on the first days of your months, you shall blow the trumpets over your burnt offerings, and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; and they shall be as a reminder of you before your God. I am the Lord your God.”