Online Midweek July 8

The Word of Kings

Remembering what takes place in the Jubilee:

Those who currently possess the land must relinquish title to it

Events that brought this about:

The events of June 28, 1914

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne by a Bosnian Nationalist in Sarajevo.

The events that followed:

As the Austro-Hungarian empire mobilized for war against Bosnia, country after country in Europe began declaring war on each other, coming in on both sides in the conflict. Eventually, due to their alliance with Germany the Ottoman Empire, who at that point controlled the Holy Land was drawn in the conflict.

Eventually this led to:

The Ottoman Empire and the British Empire on opposite sides in the conflict.

A scripture to remember – Genesis 50:20

Summary of it: God takes man’s evil actions and brings good from them.

Other pieces in this mystery:

One, easily overlooked one, took place on November 27, 1874:

Birth of Chaim Weizmann, the third child of what would eventually be a family of 15 children of Jewish children in the Russian Empire.

Weizmann was a man of brilliant intellect who pursued scientific studies in Russia, Germany and Switzerland before finally settling in England in 1904. He put his scientific knowledge to use in the service of the British government, discovering a way to produce acetone (an ingredient used in British munitions) from corn, thus solving a shortage of this particular, desperately needed, and heretofore difficult to obtain material.

Weizmann was an ardent Zionist (person seeking a return of Israel to their land). His work with the British government brought him into contact with and a close working relationship with the head of Britain’s Ministry of Munitions, David Lloyd George. Lloyd George’s knowledge of the Bible had predisposed him to dream of a homeland for the Jewish people in Israel. Another British politician with whom Weizmann was well acquainted was Arthur Balfour, a man of deep Christian faith.

God’s Hand at work in the lives of these men.

In December 1916 David Lloyd George suddenly became Prime Minister of England. He immediately appointed Balfour as his foreign secretary. These two men, both in favor of a Jewish homeland in Israel were suddenly in a position to do something about it.

Remember: 1917 was the Year of the Jubilee. This would be the year that the British government would be placed in a position of determining the future of the nation of Israel. As the year of 1917 began the British government held a conference concerning this subject, and preparing a declaration of their support of a Jewish homeland.

They also determined that the plan would not go ahead without the support of the President of the United States.

On October 16, 1917 the British government was informed that

President Woodrow Wilson was in favor of their plan.

This resulted in the Balfour Declaration which reads:

His Majesty’s Government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object.

This declaration represented the first public expression of support for Zionism (a Jewish homeland in Israel) by a major political power. The term “national home” had no precedent in international law.

What the Balfour declaration actually is:

This Declaration, was in fact the Jubilee Declaration, by legal authority returning the land to it’s original owners.

Remembering the time frame:

In 1867 the release of the land began with the measuring of the land.

This was done by Charles Warren, a British soldier, a representative of the legal authority that God would use to restore the land of Israel to the people of Israel.

In 1917 transfer became a legal action

The world was oblivious to what took place in the First Jubilee (1867)

But with the Second Jubilee (1917) the world would see what was happening.

The world would be shaken. Through war and the fall of kingdoms and empires, that which was ordained by the ancient mystery would come to pass.