Online Midweek June 3

The Lost City

Remembering what happens in the Jubilee:

The connection of the land and it’s original owner is restored.

Until then: The original owner has no rights concerning the land. He can’t even walk on it without permission

But once the Jubilee happens:

All his rights to the land are restored. He can walk on the land, build on it farm on it; do whatever he wants with it. All barriers are removed. The land is once again his.

A look at what happened when the Jewish people lost their homeland and their city in the First Century:

The Romans tried to eradicate every connection between the land of Israel

and the people of Israel.

They remade Jerusalem into a pagan city and named it Aelia Capitolina.

They even renamed the land of Israel, calling it instead Palestine, which means

“The Land of the Philistines”.

Remember who the Philistines were: They were Israel’s ancient enemy

The Romans were so successful that for almost 2000 years the land of Israel was known as “Palestine”.

During this time the Jewish people were even banned from setting foot inside the City of Jerusalem.

All th powers that ruled in Israel after the Romans followed in their footsteps doing all that they could to sever the connection between the Jewish people and their land.

But remember what happens at the Jubilee:

The connection between the land and the people is restored.

The role of Charles Warre, “the man with the measuring line” and what he had to do:

His purpose in coming to Jerusalem was to measure and map out the ancient city of Jerusalem

What he discovered was that the ancient city was actually buried under centuries of rubble.

(The is not uncommon with ancient cities. For whatever reason in the ancient world when a city was conquered, instead of clearing the rubble away it seems the victors would simply build on top of it.)

So Warren had to dig down to find the remnants of ancient Jerusalem. He at first was not aware of this.

But as he was crawling through a rock chamber he unexpectedly came upon a shaft going lower which led to the ancient city, larger than Jerusalem was in 1867.

He had discovered the Biblical Jerusalem; the Jerusalem of David and Solomon, Isaiah and Jeremiah.

This shaft also led to ancient Jerusalem’s water system.

This was important because it was through the water system that David’s men entered Jerusalem and conquered it and it truly became the possession of Israel.

The account is found in II Samuel 5:6-9 and I Chronicles 11:4-9

Remember what happens during the Jubilee:

That which is lost is restored to it’s rightful owner.

The connection between the land and it’s rightful owner is restored,

Remember God had given this land to Abraham and his descendants, but it wasn’t until David and his men took Jerusalem that they actually possessed it.

This took place in 1867, the same year “the stranger” had been in Jerusalem and the Holy Land and made his statements concerning it’s desolation.

Remember the prophecy:

First comes the visit and observations of the stranger

then comes the regathering of the people.

The time frame: After laying hidden under rubble, in centuries of dust and neglect, within 30 days of the visit of “the stranger” came the discovery of ancient Israel.

This was the foreshadowing of the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy that the land and the city of Jerusalem would one day be restored, seemingly brought back to life from the dead.

With the land under the rule of others the prophecy being fulfilled would require a shaking of the world’s powers which will be the topic explored next week.