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February 2024

February 2024

Hello everyone from the Children’s Ministry. It’s been a fun and exciting start to the new year. We have fun lessons and activities planned, aiming to grow your child’s faith and their walk with God, both as an individual and together as a church family! We are learning new songs and worshiping God in an authentic and real way. Upcoming Sunday series are “Creative God!” and “Samuel Says!” Join us for the 10:30 Worship Service on Sundays and on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00. Hope to see you there!


Church Mouse


January. And we have stepped across the threshold to a new year. It has been an interesting month and this little mouse is ready for a little less winter. My little mousey legs don’t do well in the snow and I’m so tired of tunneling every where I go under inches and inches of snow.  The last few days of the month have been much better. I even heard a few of you Kingwood folks saying on Sunday you were glad to be able to get out and back to church.  Me too!! It seems like we were all hunkered down and staying in for quite a while.

Christmas is over and Lent is not here yet.  We are in the in between season of Epiphany.

I saw the last of the Christmas decorations here at the church starting to come down.  And people are making it through the snow and shadows of this time of year while staying very happy it seems.  The Lenten season is just mere weeks away and Ash Wednesday will be here before we know it.

I heard a few of the men and Cheryl Pletcher in a meeting last night.  They were talking about one of my favorite topics. Food! Wild game to be precise.  I sure hope that there aren’t any of my cousins on the menu. Also saw some Kingwood folks taking down the church nativity set yesterday.  The seasons of the church are changing.

Sadly, this past month we lost a couple more of our beloved Kingwood folks. Both Emily Brougher and Junior Younkin went home to their final reward. We think about and pray for the families and all families that have lost loved ones over the month. These two will be sorely missed in our midst.

PW & Beth finally finished their Christmas travels to be with family at the beginning of the month. They had had family visit here in Kingwood over New Year’s and then hit the road for some kind of whirlwind Christmas road trip. PW had PJ preach for him on the 7th because he and Beth were with family in Cincinnati and Findlay and Ashland OH.

PW also did the next session of the retreat-based seminars he is enrolled in through the CGGC. He was in Texas for a few days.  I miss it when he isn’t here. He is a sloppier eater than Beth and there aren’t as many crumbs as possible when he is gone.

I’m looking forward to the Lenten season. Unfortunately, I haven’t found out yet what PW is doing for a series this year.  I expect he’ll come up with something.

Well, this little mouse needs to scurry around the church and parsonage and see if I can find any more tidbits, both food and news.

Until next time.
As always yours,
The Church Mouse


February & March Birthdays

Feb. 2       Brandon Younkin, Bret “Charlie” Pletcher
Feb. 5       Hannah Latuch
Feb. 8       Tom Mills
Feb. 13     Rick Barry, Wrenley Webreck
Feb. 14     Vanessa Lucas
Feb. 15     Tucker Faidley
Feb. 16     Randy Pletcher, Grant Pletcher
Feb. 18     Paul Hall
Feb. 20     Mike Weaver
Feb. 24     Shanda Pletcher
Feb. 25     Geraldine Cameron
Feb. 27     Natalie King, Maxwell Kemp
Feb. 28     Braden Barry, Beth Miller
Feb. 29     Brenda Yoder
Mar. 3       Glenda Johnson, Brandon Pletcher
Mar. 5       John Mitchell
Mar. 6       Andrea Minor
Mar. 7       Remington Schartiger
Mar 10      Brandon Pletcher
Mar. 11      Brooke Pletcher Bigler, Natalie Latuch
Mar. 16      Richard Dumbauld
Mar. 17      Rita Show, Angie Weaver
Mar. 19      Melissa Putman
Mar. 23      Shirley Metheney, Mccoy Pletcher
Mar. 25      Emily Lemmon
Mar. 29      Malcom (Tony) Buchanan
Mar. 31      Trista Younkin

February & March Anniversaries

Feb 1         Randy & Jamie Schartiger
Mar. 2       Gregg & Barbara Lemmon
Mar. 3       Bearl & Teresa Faidley
Mar. 13     Randy & Bev Pletcher

Prayer Needs


National Revival
Our Country
Allegheny Region Churches
Pastor Will & Beth
Pastor Jim & Melanie
Those dealing with sickness
Violence in our Nation
Families who have lost loved ones
Emily Brougher
Junior Younkin
Those dealing with mental, emotional, spiritual & financial issues
Those hospitalized & having procedures
Those dealing with long-term illnesses
Those in nursing homes and care facilities
Teachers and Students
College Students
Hospital Workers
Preparations for Youth Retreats at CSM
Winebrenner Seminary
Brent & Julie Sleasman
Church Ministries
Camp Sonrise Mountain
Chatelas Church
Our Missionaries
Our Global Mission Fields
Military / Police / First Responders
Unspoken Needs

The Kingwood Church of God WILD GAME DINNER will be held Saturday, March 16, 2024, at the Fellowship Center.  Doors will open at 4:00 p.m. and dinner will be at 6:00 p.m.  Tickets are available from Brad Pletcher, Oran Knopsnyder, Jeff Peck and Nick Faidley.  There is no charge for a ticket – you MUST have a ticket to attend.  We encourage you to bring a covered dish of your “favorite wild game” or a vegetable or salad to share.  There is a sign-up sheet in the church vestibule for those who would like to bring a mount for the display.  There will be a guest speaker and door prizes.

It’s time again for Gifts of Love to our college students and military. We will be collecting nonperishable items, notes of encouragement, anything that will bless them now through February 12. There is a box in the vestibule to place your items or you may give money to Jesse or Amy Moore or Randy or Bev Pletcher to do your shopping for you. There is also a paper to sign names and addresses of the college students and military members. Thanks for your help!


Global Reach Updates

Latino Ministries – Latino Director Victor Montalvo has recently returned from a trip to the D.R. He is planning on returning soon with a new group. He will also lead the ACTS Team trip to Mexico this summer. This trip is 100% full!  A used vehicle was purchased by the California Eldership for use in Mexico for trips and groups to visit.

Kenya — Pastor Nancy just recently returned from a teaching trip with some new faces visiting the Voice of the Gospel ministry. It was a successful training trip and another great time of fellowship.

Share the Blessing 2024

We have 3 areas of urgent need for the new year.

  1. Help purchase a life altering medical machine for the Bangladesh Mission Hospital.
  2. New van for Gamerco/Southwest.
  3. Construction of 2 churches in Nicaragua.

If you feel led to help pray and finance any of these new year projects, please go online or send a check with “Share the Blessing #1, #2, or #3”.

Helping Hands
Helping Hands Prayer Needs for January

Ron Irwin 759 Creek Rd. Meyersdale, PA  15552
Charlie & Coral Lee Kreger 5668 Kingwood Rd. Markleton, PA  15551

ramblings & recipes

It’s February 2024 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sooooooo, we had some Winter Weather here in Somerset County in January!  Lots of snow, some ice and wind!  I will say the snow is beautiful at times.  It lays on trees and bushes and looks like a picture from a card.  However, when the wind is blowing and it’s a white-out (especially on our way to church on the Kingwood Hill), it’s not so pretty then.  The week of January 22nd brought us a few days of the January Thaw and it was so good to see sunshine, some blue skies and temps in the 50s!!

When my family is “snowed in”, we tend to cook, bake and eat!  I do like the smells of baking and cooking in our home.  I don’t like the added calories to our diets.  I always enjoy a good taste of a sweet and a good cup of freshly brewed black coffee in the winter.

Here’s a little different twist on Banana Bread.  I think you will enjoy this recipe.

Hawaiian Banana-Nut Bread

3 Cups Flour
¾ teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
2 Cups Sugar
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Cup chopped pecans or walnuts
3 large eggs – beaten
1 Cup Vegetable Oil
2 Cups Mashed Ripe Bananas
1 8 oz can crushed pineapple (drained)
2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease and flour 2 loaf pans (8 ½ x 4 ½ inch).

In a large bowl, combine flour, salt, baking soda, sugar and cinnamon; stir in the nuts.

In another large bowl, combine eggs, oil, bananas, pineapple and vanilla.  Add this mixture to the mixture in the first bowl, stirring just until the dry ingredients are moistened.

Spoon the batter evenly into the prepared pans.

Bake until a wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean, 1 hour and ten minutes in most ovens.  Let cool, in the pans, for 10 minutes.  Remove from pans and allow to cool until serving.

“Let all that you do be done in love.”
I Corinthians 16:14



HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.  Are you a romantic?  Do you like to read romance novels?  If the answer is yes, then the church library is where you need to visit.

83 books were added to the library in 2023.  You will find many genres of fiction novels such as romance, mystery, adventure, western, fantasy, thriller suspense, and history in the library.  If your preference is romance, look for authors like Francine Rivers, Melody Carlson, Tamera Alexander, Lynette Eason, `Tracie Peterson, Karen Kingsbury, Irene Hannon, Dee Henderson, Colleen Coble, or Beverly Lewis.

Perhaps you are the type of person who likes a variety of reading material.  The library can accommodate you with non-fiction as well as fiction.  In the non-fiction section you will find, historical, autobiography, biography, humor, self-help, parenting and family, and Christian living books.

If by chance your preference is not available in the library, then you need to utilize the cottage-shaped box on the library table by writing what you would like and placing it in the box.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Debby Tannehill for her assistance in library duties for the past year.  She was “behind the scenes” as they say, but it was her doing many of the tasks.  She has graciously agreed to continue as another librarian for the church.

Books going on the shelves in February are as follows:

Blackstock, Terri        Predator

Hannon, Irene           Point of Danger

                                  Labyrinth of Lies

Hartzler, Ruth            True Confections

                                  Confection is Good for the Soul

                                  Speak with Confection

                                  An Instant Confection

                                  Confections of a Partygoer

                                  A Scottish Confection

McClintock, M.K.       The Women of Crooked Creek


January 8th, 2024

DEVOTIONS:  Pastor Will shared a reading from this year’s Advent devotional.  It was the final chapter titled “My Favorite Christmas Text” centering on Humility.

Larry Vough was elected to Chairman of the Church Council with Randy Pletcher serving as Co-Chair.

Kingwood Fellowship Center
December 2023 Usage


Room #’s inside and outside of each room at the FC are complete.  A new floor plan will need to be submitted to Emergency Services that includes the new room numbers. New copies of the by-laws for the Fellowship Center will be distributed to council members in the near future.  It was decided the Security meetings will continue.  A light is being replaced in the vestibule and will be replaced soon.


Ream garage – Thank you was expressed for the updates to the garage and the extra storage for the van and other items.  The old garage will be cleaned out when warmer and will need to decide what to do with the old storage building.

Kingwood Church of God
119 Humbert Rd
Markleton, PA  15551




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