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August 2021

August 2021

Camp Experiences, 2021

Camp is such an incredible and impactful ministry. It gives all participants, both campers and staff, the opportunity to retreat from the deafening noise and lightening pace of life to hear God speak. It is amazing what God is willing to share with us if we only pause to listen.

We have amazing kids that have such leadership capacity! I was excited at their willingness to engage the lessons in the Word of God, how they bonded so quickly together in a shortened week, and the amazing staff people Pastor Dean Hay, Jr was able to assemble.

Camp becomes a safe place for our campers to question the world’s messages and discover what God’s Word has to say. The campers thoughts are deep and the issues they are engaging are real and so much more emotionally deeper then I remember as a teen. Many of those discussions happen at the basketball court, around the gaga pit, and sitting by the pool and under the pavilion.

God uses our camp to change the trajectory of people’s lives! I am so great full that Kingwood Church of God sees that value and is willing to invest time and money into this life changing ministry! Thank you!

Phil Scott
ARC Regional Director

I really enjoyed my first year at Camp Sonrise Mountain. They always added a fun twist to all their activities and learning about Jesus there was always exciting. I returned home feeling like my faith with the Lord was stronger than ever. All of the staff were very welcoming.

I will definitely be returning next year and look forward to spending more time learning about the Lord, playing games, singing songs, making new friends and enjoying the delicious food!

Levi King

Camp this year was definitely different with having to squeeze a week’s worth of camp into 4 days, but like always, camp was tons of fun. I was lucky enough to get a week with good weather and not super hot – unlike the weeks after me. I was fortunate enough to only get a small amount of rain and have the rain workout as a kind of special effect in our night recreation. But it worked out that all of the mornings were beautiful for flagpole and all of the evenings were beautiful for vespers. So I, and I’m sure many others, were grateful for the short week we had at camp. We are still hopeful for a full week next year.

Caleb Vough

It has been 30 years since I first went to camp and much like my first trip to the camp when I was 8, I went fairly reluctantly.  However, this year is was Natalie King who coerced me into going instead of my mother.  Yet on Sunday morning as I walked to the mess hall to get a crate full of food for the boys in my cabin, I felt the need to inform Natalie that she had done a very bad thing.  She had managed to get me to camp during what is my busiest month, since I only needed two day off of work, and now my dilemma was trying to figure out if I could get an entire week off next year (assuming they want me back).  I had forgotten how much fun the time spent at camp was, even for a “responsible” adult.  Interacting with the kids, seeing them grow in their faith and helping them understand better what it means to be a Follower of Christ.

Things may have looked different this year, but that did not mean that is was a bad year.  The staff, both the counselors and kitchen help, were dedicated to making the few days together as meaningful as possible for the campers.  The campers were excited to be there, which made the few inconveniences that there were, trivial.  Who knew that a camp with only half the amount of kids as normal could still make that much noise and cause that much laughter.  And as always, it was great to see our church family step up and fill in the gaps (I’m always grateful to see Sharon King and Colleen Younkin in and around the kitchen).  The only downside was realizing that I am getting older when I was interacting with kids whose parents I either went to camp (or other youth group functions) with or whose parents I had as campers the last time I was a counselor.  Also, I can’t run, jump or recover as well as I used to.

But at the end of the day, whether helping the kids deepen their faith, take the step to become a follower of Christ or just starting down the path towards Christ, this is where the camp shines and I always feel privileged to be there and be a part of what God has planned for everyone there.

That, and extra “heavenly” brownies, right Kaitlyn?

Jake Vough

I had a different view of camp this year.  I wasn’t a camper or staff member.  I was filling in as kitchen help for Natalie (serving on staff) and Kaitlyn (playing in a softball tournament).  It was a lot of chopping, filling and labeling.  Wow, what a job!  I give my girls and Latoshia lots of credit.  Gets a little toasty in the kitchen.  I did have the opportunity to help with check-in.  Was able to meet all the campers and reconnect with their parents, some of which, I haven’t seen in years.  We are truly blessed to have Camp Sonrise Mountain to help minister to the future generations.  Amazing things happen there.

Carey Beth King

Why is Camp Sonrise Mountain Awesome?

Here is the answer!

My time at Camp Sonrise Mountain was really fun. We had pool time every day for a few hours, but it felt like a few minutes. My cabin was cabin three. I had four amazing girls in my cabin (Allyson, Amina, Auzalie, and Brianna) and 2 outstanding counselors (Cathy and Maddie). 3 A’s in my cabin, cool right! Our cabin nick-name was Nick’s favorite cabin, and it’s true.

My cabin won cabin clean up once (probably because we mopped). Cabin 2 won also. I got best bunk, so I got something free from the store.

We did lots of things including store, campfire, and lessons. At campfire we sang songs and watched skits. In our lessons we learned about the Holy Trinity, and Jesus healing a paralytic man. Nothing was better when the day was done and me and the girls shared giggles. At camp It was HOT! When I came I knew 2 girls, but I met way more (Claire, Allie, Karen, Jasmine, Cadence, Brianna, and Mia). When it was time to leave I was happy / unhappy, but knowing I could come back next year made me feel better about leaving.

Ales Vough

Church Mouse

Greetings to you all in this most beautiful season of summer!

Things have been happening here and elsewhere!

Congratulations are in order for Dan Cramer on his retirement, and to Kurt Miller for his promotion at work!

Now Dan, you can work at a labor of love: Being a fulltime Grandpa!

Kurt keep climbing that corporate ladder! Wouldn’t it be nice to some day end up being Cheryl Pletcher’s boss!?

Nathan Show looked like he absolutely loved being in charge of his brother Eli and sending him up front as acolyte. You know how it is: Any chance to boss one of your siblings around is good!

So glad for a successful camping season, and very glad for Kingwoods involvement. With Natalie & Kaitlyn (King) there we have a positive presence all summer (I didn’t want you thinking that Tim & Lindsay had shipped two of their elementary age daughters off to camp for an entire summer) Although many of us would have jumped at the opportunity.

Melanie Monticue, I hear you came close to managing that one summer when you were in High School! Thanks to everyone from Kingwood & elsewhere who pitched in to make this a successful camping season. And don’t forget we have Camp Day coming up, the 3rd Sunday in September!

Thanks to all who helped with the Chicken Barbecue and with Vacation Bible School! Great job on both! VBS, Junior Church and Sunday School kids – Don’t mess with Carissa Shipley! I don’t know what she said or did to it, but that poor bear on the bike trail looked like it was fleeing in terror!

Don’t forget about the Free Retiree Luncheon coming up! And, NO, Pastor Jim: If Melanie is helping with the luncheon you cannot come as her “caregiver”!

I’m hearing rumors that we’ll have a presence at the Jubilee this year, either a stand or a float in the parade.

Well folks, lots for this little mouse to do! Don’t forget about all those wonderful church and community activities coming up! Blessings to all of you!

Your Friend,
The Church Mouse

An Opportunity to Give:  An individual, from our church, has offered to match up to $10,000.00 for more HVAC at the Fellowship Center.  The two exercise rooms must be included in this round.  The funds must be raised in the next three months (until September 20, 2021) and the installation must be completed with the next twelve months.  We’ve received  $4,470.00 so far.  Please make checks payable to Kingwood Church of God and give to Cheryl Pletcher.  Her address is 265 Faidley Rd. Markleton, PA 15551.

A Note of Thanks…
I’d like to thank everyone for being with us at Dale’s funeral.  If you sent flowers, cards, said a prayer or thought of us that day.  Thank you to Pastor Jim, Pastor John, Levi for the beautiful song and all who had a story to tell about Dale.  It meant a lot to me.  To the Kingwood Church Family, for the wonderful dinner, Thank You.  Dale will be deeply missed.  He was very special.  Thank you all.

Shirley Nicklow and Family

There will be a FREE Luncheon for area retirees on Thursday August 19, 2021, 12:00 noon at the  Fellowship Center.  This will just be a time to enjoy lunch and fellowship with other retirees.  Space is limited and reservations are necessary (First-come, First-serve).  Please either sign up on the list in the hallway or call 814-926-4207 or 814-445-4955 to reserve your space.  Retiree Caregivers are also welcome with a reservation and a $5.00/person donation at the door.  The last day to make your reservation is Sunday August 15, 2021.  Note:  Social Distancing guidelines will NOT be followed for this event.

This year the church plans to collect specific items each month for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.  Items for August are:
School Supplies

Save the Date…

Midweek youth and children’s programs will be starting up on September 15.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

August 21, 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. – Camp Sonrise Mountain Family & Friends Community Fun Day – Come and enjoy a day of fun, food and fellowship!  There will be swimming, volleyball, games, prizes and much more!

October 1-3 – Allegheny Region Women’s Retreat at Camp Sonrise Mountain – Information and Registration forms are in the hallway.

October 19, 2021 – Queen Esther Bus Trip – $150.00 – Bus will depart from Route 31 Giant Eagle. – Price includes:  show, dinner, driver tip and transportation. – Contact Jill Gary for any information or reservations at 814-443-9234.

Chicken BBQ Totals
Deposits – $7,543.00
Expenses – $3,522.70
Profit – $4,020.30

August & September Birthdays

Aug 1        Emma Mauri
Aug 3        Kaitlyn King
Aug 4        Myah Oakes
Aug 6        Debbie Kreger, Olivia Kemp
Aug 9        Carolyn Pletcher
Aug 10      Sara Meyers, Garrett Weaver
Aug 14      Timothy Show
Aug 15      Eugene Cameron, Brooks Vough
Aug 17      Amy Moore
Aug 20      Chloe Weaver
Aug 21      Jason Shipley
Aug 22      Carey Beth King, Gavin Gray
Aug 23      Wayne Pletcher
Aug 24      Sara Wetzel
Aug 25      Aidan Ream
Aug 28      Greg King
Aug 29      Tanner Mitchell
Aug 31      Sue Stahl
Sept 1       Sarah Singo, Kerri Show
Sept 5       Melanie Younkin
Sept 6       Carissa Shipley
Sept 9       Charles Wilcox, Jr.
Sept 12     Jack Pletcher
Sept 14     Masey Dumbauld
Sept 17     Morgan Younkin
Sept 18     Charles W. Kreger, Hilton Mitchell
Sept 20     Rick Kemp
Sept 21     Althea Lyons, Ken Cipra
Sept 22     Anthony Whaley
Sept 23     Allan Stahl
Sept 25     Emily Brougher, Jonathan Pletcher
Sept 26 Danielle Pletcher
Sept 30 Bearl Faidley

August & September Anniversaries

Aug 1        Blair & Colleen Younkin, Stephen & Jess Walker
Aug 5        Tom & Shirley Brougher, Dan & Heather Ream
Aug 6        James & Barbara Snyder
Aug 10      Tom & Betty Clawson
Aug 13      Jim & Marjorie Weaver
Aug 23      Ken & Lori Cipra, Bill & Lolly Peirsel
Aug 27      Jason & Carissa Shipley
Aug 31      Allan & Sue Stahl, Jeff & Marchelle Peck, Rich & Debby Tannehill
Sept 2       Don & Charlotte Carrabotta
Sept 4       Eldon & Carolyn Pletcher
Sept 4       Jake & Karey Vough
Sept 12     Brad & Renee’ Moore
Sept 13     Merv & Brenda Yoder
Sept 17     Dale & Theresa Pletcher
Sept 26     Jim & Sara Meyers
Sept 30     Mark & Heather Houghton

Global Reach Missions Updates and Prayers

Crabtree’s to Thailand:
Bryan and Katie have made it to Thailand and finished their 2 week quarantine!  After a 10 hour taxi ride, they have made it to Udon Thani and are staying with a friend and collegue from the school. Pray they find a place suitable for them, a car, and continue to adapt to the culture, the food, the language, and everything else!

Mike and Dawn VanDervort:
Mike and Dawn are planning to head back to Haiti mid- August at this point, God willing. Pray for the future leadership at PHH, the nation of Haiti that is still in chaos, and our churches and schools.

Pastor German, our Field Director, was in an accident and had to have surgery on his arm.  Pray for his healing. His mother is also ill, please pray for her. Pastor German is still in need of a ministry vehicle. Pray for his provision.

Our Venezuelan brothers and sisters continue to reach out to many in their community in need. Pastor Lucas’ church, The New Awakening of the Lord, Just hosted a Social Medical Day where they brought professional services to the community free of charge.  Dentistry, hair and nail care, worship opportunities and food were available. God bless their sacrificial service!

USA Southwest:
Pastor Beth Dunlap and her church, West Newton First Church of God, spent this past week putting on a VBS!  Pastor Dean Hay made sure they got to the airport safely!  Pray that their service was a blessing to Pastor John and all the kids who attended. May that blessing continue to grow and expand on the reservation among the Navajo.

Prayer Needs

Families who’ve lost loved ones
God’s People Undergoing Persecution
Health Issues / Loneliness
People Recently Hospitalized
Those Having Surgery Procedures
Anti-Israel Demonstrations
Virgil Weaver
Kim Sutton
Katie Snyder
Ron & Audrey Irwin
Kevin Meyers
June Rugg
Sally Locklin
Mark Blasko
Jaci Hay
Carol Show
U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw
Joyce & Lew Henry
Dara Yoder
Ben King
Heather Ream’s Relatives
Marchelle Peck
Debbie Ogline
Scott Mimnaugh
Darla Tressler Wevodau
Randy Yachere
Charlie & Coral Lee Kreger
Helen Lucas
Ralph Younkin
Terry Lawson
Reagan Perkins
Shirley S. Brougher
Becky Smith
Debbie Barricklow

Ollie Schultz
Fern Enos
Orville Sanner
Erma Hay
John Kreger Sr.
David Lepley
Nelda Fox
Jim Peck
Barb Rush
Leonard Compton
Alex Singo
Amy Tressler Gonzales
Jim & Marj Weaver
Trista Younkin
Helen Ohler
Dave & Farmie Lemmon
Harold & Donna Kreger
Pat Weaver
Pastor Jack Feick
Lois Darr
Paul & Juanita Hall
Faye Knepper
Althea Lyons
Shirley Nicklow
Howard & Etta Nicklow
Von Nicklow
Stacey Ream
Naomi Schrock
Roger Shipley
Chase Kemp
Brynn Cashell
Allison Schmuck
Nancy Sleasman
Alan & Marijka Tubbs
Sam Vaughn
Aldara Weimer
Sue Frazee
Lacey Winters
Karey Vough’s Uncle Tim
Joyce Snyder
Andrea Walker
Church Camp
Winebrenner Seminary
Brent & Julie Sleasman
Chatelas Church
Our Missionaries
Nursing Homes
Military / Police / First Responders
National Police Shortage
Unspoken Needs

ramblings & recipes

Ahhhhh, it’s August.  The end of Summer and the beginning of Fall!  We will still have some hot and humid days, however evenings will be shorter and the coolness will begin to settle in.   There are still picnics and reunions in August.  Here is a dessert I learned about several years ago.  At a lunch gathering, at work, someone brought this and it was refreshing and tasty.  Hope you have an occasion to take this and I hope you enjoy it!

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert
2 boxes or about 20 Ice Cream Sandwiches 2  – 12 oz. Whipped Topping
2 Jars – 11 & ¾ oz. Hot Fudge Ice Cream Topping 2 Cups Salted Peanuts

Use an ungreased 9 x 13 dish (pan).  Arrange a layer of ice cream sandwiches on the bottom – you may have to cut some to make them fit!

Spread one jar of the Hot Fudge over the sandwiches – sprinkle with one cup of the peanuts – then cover with one bowl of the Whipped Topping.

Repeat this as the second layer.  FREEZE!  You will need to remove this from the freezer about 20 minutes before you want to serve it!  It’s the perfect blend, chocolate – sweet and salty!  It’s delicious!!!  Enjoy…….


Did You Know…

When we hear the word “inventor,” we think of people like Thomas Edison or the Wright Brothers.

Some of the coolest inventors, though, are people you probably don’t know.  They didn’t invent planes or light bulbs; these people created products used so often, you probably didn’t even realize they were inventions.

For instance, have you ever wondered how a lollipop ended up on its stick? Or how the straw became bendable?

These seemingly simple ideas took a lot of creativity and technological prowess.

Here are 10 “Who Knew” inventions from the past century.

1. 1959: A picnic lunch inspired Ernie Fraze to invent the pop top found on soda cans. He forgot his hole punch opener.

2. 1937: Joseph Friedman invents the bendable straw so his young daughter can more easily drink a milkshake.

3. 1925: Charlie Brannock creates the first accurate way to measure shoe size using toys. Later most
old-timers remember having put their foot in a Brannock device to measure their shoe size.

4. 1966: James Goodfellow creates ATM pin numbers so people can take money out of the bank after hours.

5. 1967: Robert Kearns invents 2 speed windshield wipers.

6. 1912: Candy maker Sam Born invents a machine that inserts sticks into lollipops.

7. 1858: Hymen Lipman creates the modern pencil by attaching an eraser at the end of it.

8. 1986: Twenty-somethings Scott Jones and Greg Carr bring voicemail to people everywhere.

9. 1985: Jack Clements designs a spill-free lid so customers can get their coffee to go.

10. 1858: Margaret Knight needed a better way than using baskets to carry goods from the local store.

     So she invented the flat-bottom paper bag.


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