2020 Nursery & Junior Church Schedule

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2020 Nursery & Jr. Church Schedule

Date Downstairs Nursery Junior Church Helper
5-Jan Colleen Younkin Shirley Brougher
12-Jan Bev Pletcher Joanna King
19-Jan Kay & Emma Engleka Abby Rosman
26-Jan Carissa Shipley Tim Latuch
2-Feb Carolyn Pletcher Brandy Rogers
9-Feb Brad & Renee Moore Karey Vough
16-Feb Melanie Monticue Josh Rosman
23-Feb Kevin & Stacey Hay Lindsay Latuch
1-Mar Larry & Melissa Vough Sue Stahl
8-Mar Kari Geary Shirley Brougher
15-Mar Kay & Emma Engleka Joanna King
22-Mar Colleen Younkin Tim Latuch
29-Mar Bev Pletcher Vincent Show
5-Apr Carolyn Pletcher Melanie Younkin
12-Apr Carissa Shipley Karey Vough
19-Apr Melanie Monticue Abby Rosman
26-Apr Brad & Renee Moore Vincent Show
3-May Larry & Melissa Vough Brandy Rogers
10-May Kay & Emma Engleka Josh Rosman
17-May Kevin & Stacey Hay Joanna King
24-May Kari Geary Lindsay Latuch
31-May Colleen Younkin Vincent Show
7-Jun Carolyn Pletcher Melanie Younkin
14-Jun Melanie Monticue Shirley Brougher
21-Jun Bev Pletcher Sue Stahl
28-Jun Brad & Renee Moore Abby Rosman
5-Jul Hillary Whaley Brandy Rogers
12-Jul Carissa Shipley Karey Vough
19-Jul Kari Geary Josh Rosman
26-Jul Larry & Melissa Vough Lindsay Latuch
2-Aug Kevin & Stacey Hay Shirley Brougher
9-Aug Colleen Younkin Melanie Younkin
16-Aug Bev Pletcher Sue Stahl
23-Aug Carolyn Pletcher Tim Latuch
30-Aug Brad & Renee Moore Vincent Show
6-Sep Melanie Monticue Alex Younkin
13-Sep Hillary Whaley Karey Vough
20-Sep Camp Day Camp Day
27-Sep Larry & Melissa Vough Mia Rosman
4-Oct Kay & Emma Engleka Melanie Younkin
11-Oct Kevin & Stacey Hay Joanna King
18-Oct Colleen Younkin Josh Rosman
25-Oct Kari Geary Lindsay Latuch
1-Nov Brandy Rogers Sue Stahl
8-Nov Bev Pletcher Alex Younkin
15-Nov Melanie Monticue Karey Vough
22-Nov Carolyn Pletcher Melanie Younkin
29-Nov Hillary Whaley Vincent Show
6-Dec Brad & Renee Moore Joanna King
13-Dec Kay & Emma Engleka Tim Latuch
20-Dec Kari Geary Mia Rosman
27-Dec Kevin & Stacey Hay Brandy Rogers

*If you are unable to serve your scheduled time, please trade with someone.