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April and May, 2020

The Contact
The Newsletter of the Kingwood Church of God
April and May 2020

Stay At Home…

It’s awesome being at home because there are tons of things to do!  I have been doing things on the farm like bottle feeding calves and driving tractor with Dad.  I have been playing Legos.  I have been working on school work.

I am so bored being home!  I have done everything nine times.  There is almost nothing to do.  I play outside lots and read books.  I have been helping on the farm bottle feeding calves (Lilly and R2 D2).  I’m sad I can’t go out and see my cousins or friends.

The current situation has me constantly reexamining my perception. There are days where “Stay At Home” feels like an order and other days it feels like a privilege. With the “Stay At Home” mitigation, comes new normals and expectations! As long as I align my heart with God, these new tasks feel less like demands and more like opportunities.

Rather than being tempted to think, I have to feed these people all day, I have the time to teach and share the joy of cooking and baking with my children!

Rather than feeling overwhelmed at the idea of educating my children, I can finally provide my kids with a private, Christian education!

Rather than feeling stuck at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do, we have come to enjoy the slower pace of life without the many distractions!

Rather than being tempted to dwell on what we’re missing out on, we can focus on God and be thankful for the good that He has brought out of our “new normal.”

Obviously, I would say that this quarantine isn’t my favorite thing. Freshman year of college, and I don’t get to go back after spring break. I can say all of the generic things, like I miss my friends, I miss the freedom, and I miss the constant availability of Chick-Fil-A. However, I didn’t realize how many aspects of home I forgot about until I was back. I don’t have to shower with shoes on, I can sit on a couch, and most importantly, I can toast my Pop Tarts. For the first time in forever, I can spend time with my parents and sister without having to rush from one event to the next. I don’t like having to watch math class on Zoom, but we can watch a movie a day (I am not exaggerating even a little). I don’t like building a mobile in static equilibrium by myself for physics lab, but I got to build a fort with Kaitlyn. So often, we focus on what we can’t do instead of what we can. In this time, think about all of the opportunities you have now, as opposed to what you are missing out on.

When this all began, I thought “Why are people making such a big deal of this? It will be so easy to stay home!”  I underestimated how much I’d miss my students, colleagues, friends and church family.  I underestimated how important it is to hug my parents and extended family. I underestimated how nice it is to have an impromptu conversation with a friend at the grocery store.

Things that I used to complain about are now revealing themselves as blessings (unruly students, that distraction at the store when ‘I’m in a hurry!’).

One definite benefit from this experience is that I have drawn much closer to God.  I have felt His presence and I have leaned heavily on His word.  I have been comforted in knowing that He is in control and He loves us so very much.

We had the car packed to leave for South Carolina for our grandson’s 3rd birthday when the travel restrictions went into effect. We haven’t seen our son Jeremy and his family since they moved in January. So our first reaction to this quarantine is disappointment that we can’t even go visit our families.

We have greatly appreciated the taped Sunday School lessons and worship services during this time. Thank you to Pastor Jim, Pastor Vince, the teachers, and those who have shared music for the blessing and encouragement you have provided. But we miss the fellowship of our church family.

We now dread a trip to the grocery store because the restrictions have made even that experience less personal. We must keep people at arms-length (or two), hide our faces behind masks – making it hard to share a smile or a greeting. It’s even difficult to offer thanks to those who are working on site.

How do we cope with these difficult life changes? Trust in God “Through It All”.
I thank God for the mountains,
And I thank Him for the valleys,
I thank Him for the storms He’s brought me through.
For if I’d never had a problem,
I wouldn’t know that God could solve them,
I’d never know what faith in God could do.
Through it all, I’ve learned to trust in God.
Through it all, I’ve learned to depend upon His Word.
(Lyrics by Andrae Crouch)

I think that the quarantine that we are in has its ups and its downs. I will start out by saying some good things. This break gives us time to stay home and have quality time with our families. It also gets us kids out of school, although we don’t get our field trips and other fun things in school. It’s also a perfect time to build pillow and blanket forts or make one out of carboard boxes. This quarantine is a good time to try some new things with your family, if you don’t go out of your house. Maybe you could do a presentation night with your family, and each of make your own presentation about something. Or you can have a fancy dinner night, where everyone dresses in formal clothes to eat dinner. There are many things to do, but there are some bad things about this time too.

Some bad things are that you cannot see any of your friends or relatives. Another reason is that you are not able to get groceries or go out to eat. All sports are postponed or canceled.

All in all, this quarantine is a fun time to play with your family, but after all, this break is because of COVID-19.

Greetings to one and all!

Let me begin this month’s column by wishing a Happy 99th Birthday to Jim Weaver! Glad to hear it was a good celebration. Also glad to hear green shoes played a role in it!

Put up right before “the lockdown” happened: There is a New basketball hoop and backboard at the Fellowship Center. (Custom designed by Jesse Moore so I hear) But I have to say: The installation of it went shall we say a little differently than I expected. Jesse Moore: You have shattered my confidence in engineers forever! I may be wrong, but I thought the purpose of aMan Lift was to lift the man to the work, not to provide a platform for him to stand on while that heavy backboard was lowered to him! Just sayin . . . Isaac? Olivia? Owen? Do you have a nice nursing home lined up?

I hear when this is all over that Carissa Shipley will be offering a class on “The Art and Science of Dirtbike Riding” Do there happen to be any demonstration videos available?

A BIG THANKS goes out to Pastor Vince for all the extensive work he has done to make sure that we have the Worship Service and Sunday School Lesson available online. Kurt Miller thank you for all you do to line up Sunday School teachers, and for all you do in helping Pastor Vince with these projects. Also a big thanks to Pastor Vince’s family and the help they give in bringing all of this together for us. Peeking out of my mousehole I did notice that for the group involved in the filming of the service this is the social event of the week. No one seems to be in a hurry to leave! That we especially true of the Show Boys & the King Girls. So say their parents! I do have to say that from my objective perspective from my mousehole – neither set of parents seemed to be in a rush either!

Love all the special music during the Church Services! Have to say the Easter Music was something special. I agree with PJ – Nothing like a trumpet on Resurrection Morning! And it blended so well with the other music too. Thanks to one and all who have made these services possible!

Thanks also to Pastor Jim for the Online Midweek Column. If you haven’t tried it yet it’s available on both the Church Webpage and Facebook! Again a BIG THANKS to Janet Orawiec for making that happen. I hear a new study has just begun. It sounds exciting – seeing God’s hand at work. You might want to check it out. Just a hint – It looks better on the Church website                                 ( than it does on Facebook

Dean Hay thanks for keeping the Church and the Parsonage going during the power outage.

Blessings to all of you! Stay in touch with one another & spread the love of Jesus!

Your Friend,

The Church Mouse

Kingwood Thoughts…..

Louise Kreger – what a wonderful lady & friend. So many good thoughts about Louise – she was a person who smiled and laughed – a lot! She was a hard worker, a good cook and baker. She loved her children and her grandchildren!

Louise loved the fact that her parents gave the land for the Old Bethel Church. She was so proud to be a member of the Church of God. It was wonderful to have Louise be a part of the Church of God at Kingwood. She was a member of The Joy Bible Class, always willing to help in the church kitchen(s), enjoyed tearing lettuce for the BBQ and was faithful to all church functions until her health didn’t permit that anymore. Louise was born January 18, 1933 and died March 24, 2020. From Matthew 25:23 – Well done, good and faithful servant;”.

Because of the pandemic, we’ve had to miss two Buckwheat Suppers and two Fellowship Center meals. So many of you have commented about missing “working together”! I know that we all value the friendships we have in our Church Family – this reminds us that we also miss the work that we do together. We continue to be thankful for the Fellowship Center and the opportunities that it brings to us. God has been so good to us!

Here’s a recipe you might like to try:

No Yeast Rolls

1 Cup Flour
1 tsp. Baking Powder
½ tsp. Salt
½ Cup Milk
2 Tbsp. Mayo

Mix all ingredients together. Spoon, in equal amounts, into greased muffin pan – makes 6 nice rolls. Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes – watch until the tops are golden brown!

It’s such a different time in our world. I sometimes wonder what happened to respect, kindness and manners. Several years ago, I heard this to be used (to consider) before you say something, “Is it True, Is it Kind, Is it Necessary?” Seems to me like we need this more every day!

Special Thanks to those who have so faithfully continued your giving to the church. You may mail your offerings to Cheryl Pletcher, 265 Faidley Road, Markleton, PA 15551 or place them in her church mailbox. Thanks too for the cheerful cards and notes you have included! Cheryl appreciates them very much!

I hope you are watching the Sunday School and Church Services on line! Pastor Vince & Pastor Jim, along with the teachers, musicians and singers have done such a great job with this. We are grateful for your service.

March 9th, 2020

Members Present: Allan Stahl, Mark Lucas, Randy Pletcher, Wayne Pletcher, Nick Faidley, Bob Koontz, Heather Ream, Renee Moore, Bev Pletcher, Amy Moore, Johnathan Pletcher, Jake Vough, Cheryl Pletcher, Terry Ream, Kurt Miller, Pastor Monticue, Pastor Show, Cathy Phillippi.

Devotions were led by Randy Pletcher
Opening Prayer:   Pastor Monticue

REPORTS:   Motions were made and seconded to accept the following reports: Clerk, Treasurer, and Pastors’.


Electric Floor Scrubber- Tabled till next meeting.

Plaque/Remembrance for Pastor Tobias – It was to be in at Stahl’s Jewelry the week of March 9th.

AED for Fellowship Center – Kevin Hay located it, got new batteries and pads and returned to FC. Jake Vought updated the one in the church.

Elevator – Jon Pletcher will contact Total Mobility of Boswell and ask for possible literature.

Blinds for Upstairs SS Classrooms – Renee Moore will investigate prices.

Review of 5 Year Plan- Under Year 1 – the committee is currently discussing ways to approach church members to invite to Sunday School. Discussion of various ways to implement a “core prayer group”, possibly have a smaller group that would deal with private personal needs. More general prayer needs could be listed weekly on website. A “Community” dinner is to be held in fall to honor 1st Responders, Medical and Law enforcement persons.


Pastor Monticue is beginning a new mid-week series using the study book “The Oracle . A motion was made and seconded to purchase as many books as felt needed, not to exceed $500. Motion carried.

Clean – Up Night will be held Thursday, April 2nd @ 6pm for the church and FC. Tuesday, April 7th will be the rain date, and could also be used if not all work is completed on the 2nd.

It was agreed to continue to pay 1st time camper’s fee @ the cost of $175.

The CPR Instructor will be paid, not to exceed, $400. This amount will include certification fee per person.

Meeting was adjourned with Pastor Show having the closing prayer.

Closing Prayer:   Pastor Show

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Phillippi, Clerk

May Birthdays

May 1       Brittney Clawson
May 2       Shirley Mullendore
May 3       Barbara Lemmon and Karey Vough
May 4       Gerald Dumbauld
May 7       Nadiya Putman and Fenna Queer
May 9       Kurt Miller
May 10     Brad Pletcher
May 16     Heather Houghton and Drew Younkin
May 17     Aaron Show and Lori Pletcher
May 18     Mitchell Pletcher
May 20     Marsha Tobias
May 22     Merv Yoder
May 23     Emily Kemp
May 26     Gregg Lemmon
May 27     Isaac Moore, Sherri Tobias and Ned Tobias
May 29     Shirley V. Brougher, Cheryl Pletcher and Stacey Rosman

June Birthdays

June 1      Vincent Show
June 2      Renee’ Strelko
June 3      Olivia Moore, Bill Peirsel and Barbara Pletcher
June 6      Diann Vecere, Betty Clawson and Melissa Vough
June 7      Blair Younkin
June 10     Sharron King
June 13     Eli Walker
June 15     Eli Show
June 17     Natasha Dumbauld and Nathan Faidley
June 19     Ralph E. Younkin
June 20     Renee’ Moore
June 21     Nicholas Faidley
June 23     John Younkin
June 24     Ashley Gray
June 30     Mark Houghton and Dan Ream

May Anniversaries

May 3       Dan & Angie Weaver
May 4       Rick & Missy Kemp
May 8       Jesse & Amy Moore

June Anniversaries

June 1      Ben & Sherri Tobias
June 2      Brad & Lori Pletcher
June 3      Jack & Barbara Pletcher
June 5      Wayne & Cheryl Pletcher
June 9      Drew & Melanie Younkin
June 11     Tim & Lindsay Latuch
June 12     Harold & Donna Kreger
June 13     Charlie & Fenna Pletcher
June 14     Charles & Coral Lee Kreger and Mark & Vanessa Lucas
June 19     Bill & Shirley Metheney
June 21     Chris & Allie Colflesh
June 25     Pastor Jim & Melanie

Prayer Needs

Corona Virus

Physical Concerns
“Essential Workers”
Families who’ve experienced fires
Families who’ve lost loved ones
Louise Kreger Family
Pastor Doug Show Family
Pastor Jack Feick

Colleen Younkin
Tom Kovach
Dan Cramer
Sam Vaughan
Tammy House
John Kreger Sr.
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Tara Hostetter Evans
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Patty Younkin
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Dave & Farmie Lemmon
Mike Matezian
Von Nicklow
Nelda Fox
Roger Shipley
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Lois Darr
Harold & Donna Kreger
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Chase Kemp
Lois Baker
Ieleen Harrold
Jim Peck
Barb Rush
Ron & Audrey Irwin
General Powell
Leonard & Faye Compton
Amy Tressler Gonzales
Jim Saylor
Eldon & Loretta Sechler
Kevin Meyers
Susan Webster
Helen Ohler
Pat & Butch Weaver
Althea Lyons
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Royal & Faye Knepper
Jim & Marj Weaver
PA Laus
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