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 The Contact 2019

The Newsletter of the Kingwood Church of God

February 2019
A Winter Sunday
 I love a peaceful Sunday,
The quiet that’s in he air,
The serene and happy feeling,
The comfortable rocking chair.

 The smell of delicious coffee,
The ham and the hotcakes to bake,
No hurried school day rushing,
No scampering, no lunches to make.

The papers piled high on the table,
You can read to your heart’s delight,
With an old soft robe and slippers on,
And with the sun shining warm and bright.

 I love a quiet Sunday,
With peacefulness in the air.
Let’s count our blessing, go to church,
And say a heart-felt prayer.

 -Marguerite Halker

Greetings this wintery month of February from your Friend the rather cold and chilly Church Mouse, writing this column on a “subzero” January day.

Here we are half way through what PJ calls “the two most miserable months of the year”!

I have to say it was a wonderful December with all the meals and special programs all centering around the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As God’s people we have much to celebrate!

Thanks to all who put so much work into making those special times happen. Thanks too to the Christmas decorating committee.

PJ glad to hear that the dripless candles worked so well! (and I bet Wayne Pletcher is even happier.

It was wonderful to see and hear Pastor Tobias helping out at one of the Christmas Eve Services. It’s always good to see you up there Pastor Paul. Thanks for continuing to be the blessing that you have been to so many of us over the years!

I was sorry to hear that Aaron Show broke his leg – in his back yard of all places! Aaron I have some advice from some of the “older guys” in the congregation. I wasn’t sure whether to pass it on or not. Their advice was this: Find whatever girl you’re interested in in your class and get her to carry your books for you!

The new entrance to the church has been a wonderful blessing. It should help keep out the cold wind and looks so nice! I hear PJ’s oldest grandson Colin thinks it makes the Church “look more friendly” – And this from a kid who at this stage of his life wants to be an architecht! Thanks to Kingwood Construction for a great job!

Also: Thanks to those who prepared the wonderful Soup and Sandwich Lunch! It brightened January for many of us! Looking forward to more good times of food and fellowship up at the Center. It was so nice to see so many people from so many churches and to see so many of God’s people enjoying being together.

The Youth in the Church always keep things interesting. Really guys? You wanted to use the bumpers in the bowling alley? By the way: Is it really true that the 10 pin is worth 10 points?!

Well folks, this little Mousie has to run. I’m going to snuggle down in my hole and wait out this cold spell. Sometimes I wish I was a bear and could just sleep the winter away. (I would wake up for meals at the Fellowship Center though!) On second thought, maybe I should be glad I’m not a bear. I hear the bear population didn’t fare too well this last hunting season.

Stay warm. Be careful on the road. And lots of Valentine Chocolate to all!

Your Friend, The Church Mouse

February & March Birthdays

Feb. 2       Brandon Younkin and Bret “Charlie” Pletcher
Feb. 4       Chris Colflesh
Feb. 5       Hannah Latuch
Feb. 8       Tom Mills
Feb. 13     Rick Barry
Feb. 14     Vanessa Lucas
Feb. 15     Tucker Faidley
Feb. 16     Randy Pletcher and Grant Pletcher
Feb. 18     Paul Hall
Feb. 20     Mike Weaver
Feb. 24     Shanda Pletcher and Marjorie Weaver
Feb. 25     Geraldine Cameron and Scott Kreger
Feb. 27     Natalie King and Maxwell Kemp
Feb. 28     Braden Barry
Feb. 29     Brenda Yoder
Mar. 1      Shirley S. Brougher
Mar. 3      Brandon Pletcher
Mar 5       John Mitchell
Mar. 6      Andrea Minor
Mar. 7      Allie Colflesh
Mar. 9      Tom Clawson
Mar. 11    Natalie Latuch
Mar. 16    Richard Dumbauld
Mar. 17    Rita Show and Angie Weaver
Mar. 19    Melissa Putman
Mar. 23    Shirley Metheney
Mar. 31    Trista Younkin

February & March Anniversaries

Feb 14   Frank & Sarah Singo
Mar 2    Gregg & Barbara Lemmon
Mar 3    Bearl & Teresa Faidley
Mar 13  Randy & Bev Pletcher

Prayer Needs

Families who have lost loved ones
Pastor Glenn Beatty
Aaron Show
Ralph Younkin
Alvin Somers
Roger Tressler
Dale & Naomi Schrock
Alex Singo
Betty Clawson’s sister – Joan
Jim Brocht
Ashley Lucas
Dr. Jack Kineer
Gene Cameron
Asia Bibbi
Carolyn – Cipra’s Daughter
Allison Schmuck
Shane Weiland
Jim Peck
Clarence Duppstadt
Noah Robbin
Loretta Sechler
Marijka Tubbs
Ricky Sanner
Peggie Ream’s brother
Tom Kovach
Jim & Marj Weaver
Dean Brant
Ron Sleasman

Unspoken Serious Requests
Church Camp
Winebrenner Seminary
Brent & Julie Sleasman
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Chatelas Church
Our Missionaries
Steven Hosler
Our Schools
Safe Travel
Our Students & Teachers
First Responders
Moral Climate
Our Church
Fellowship Center

Long Term Needs

Trellis Tressler
Bradley Ogline
Jim Pritts
Sharky & Lois Baker
Ieleen Harrold
Nelda Fox
Harold & Donna Kreger
Jeremy Jones
Barb Rush
Laura DeHaven Nichols
Lori Cipra’s Brother
General Pyle
George Hoffman
Alex McClintock
Dale Bloom
Bill Hern
Jim & Kelly Saylor
Loretta Sechler
Carey Beth King
Katherine Foldenaur
Louise Kreger
Chase Kemp
Viola Kerns
Pat Younkin
Andrea Younkin Walker
Brynn Grayson
Oraweic’s Daughter Trudi
Child with Genetic Disorder
Butch & Pat Weaver
Amy Tressler Gonzales
Bob & Tomilee Will
Susan Webster

What’s been happening at Kingwood…

A new year has begun… It was an amazing Christmas season with all the services and extra events that took place.

The Fellowship Center has continued to bless our church and community. Midweek services, exercise groups, youth and children groups and the monthly meals are keeping things buzzing!

The youth have been going on many adventures. So far, they’ve gone to see a movie, displayed their bowling skills and attended a hockey game. Thanks to Pastor Vince & Kerri and Kurt for making all these arrangements. Such a blessing for all of the youth!

The children did a fantastic job on the Christmas program and all the special music numbers during the holiday. The church is truly blessed with such talented kids! On Wednesday evening, we’ve been studying lots of “Really Bad Days!” Now we’re working on learning the books of the bible and how to find scripture passages. There’s always games and snacks involved too! Come out and join us!

As I’m writing this, the temperature is plunging, complete with wicked wind chill. We also have snow! The new drop off and entrance at the church look wonderful. Thanks to those who are decorating the church. It looks beautiful.

You are now able to view our church services, if you’re not able to attend. We offer a live feed and you can also go back to view some past services on the website.

For those of you that use social media, be sure to keep up with the church and Fellowship Center on the Facebook pages and the church’s website.

God is great!

Till May Flowers Bloom Again

It was a quiet winter day,
The snow lay on the ground:
As I glanced slowly heavenward,
I saw a rainbow ‘round.
The sun which shone so brightly
On that midwinter day,
When earth in snowflake coverlet
Awaited flowers of May
Within the rainbow’s arc I saw
A myriad of hues…
Red, yellow, green, a touch of white
And too, a bit of blue.
Though flowers of May were far away,
These colors spoke of them;
God’s rainbow garden I’ll recall
Till May flowers bloom again.

-Loise Pinkerton Fritz

Church Staff

James Monticue, Senior Pastor
Paul Tobias, Pastor Emeritus
Vince Show, Director of Children’s Ministries
Carey Beth King, Secretary

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Church Phone Number  (814) 926-4429

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