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April 2021

April 2021

Let God Hold Your Hand

 One day you were crossing a bridge with God
You were scared so you asked God,
“Can I hold your hand so I won’t fall into the river?”
God said, “No my child, I should hold your hand.”
You asked, “What is the difference?”
God replied, “If you hold my hand and something
happens, you might let go.
If I hold your hand no matter what happens,
I will never let go.”

I Want…



I want my life to testify that He can save;
I want to help to make His crimson banner wave;
I want to tell the blessed story every day;
I want to be a light to others on their way.
I want to live as Jesus lived,
I want to love as Jesus loved,
I want to serve and honor Him and please Him in everything;
I want my life to testify that He’s my Lord and King.

May you find peace in these passages.




The Church Mouse

Greetings as we move into Spring! All in all it was not a bad winter, but I’m still glad it’s over! I hear Spring Cleanup will soon be under way at both the Church and the Fellowship Center.

One of my favorite signs of Spring is the “Famous” Easter Eggs produced by the Crusaders Sunday School ClassIf you didn’t get the Peanut Butter ones you’re too late! They went fast. In fact there are very few eggs of any flavor left.

If you’re too late for the Easter eggs remember Maple products are always welcomed in Easter Baskets! I was glad to see the Maple Tour was on this year and to be able to visit some of the camps.

I never realized what a heartless individual Pastor Jim is. One of my relatives moved here to be near me and made a nice cozy nest, a Mouse Mansion actually, under the hood of PJ’s truck. And what was the reaction? A warm welcome to the neighborhood? Hardly! PJ destroyed his home and attempted to take his life!

Congratulations to so many of our students having their picture in the local newspaper! Aaron Show (or should I say Sho?) are you attempting to distance yourself from your family? I saw how your name was listed in the paper! In the same picture with your brother Nathan, no less!

I’m so glad to see all the special Holy Week Services! I really missed them last year!

Nancy Hay, Emily Brougher: A Big Thank-you for all the work you two are putting into the Church Library! You’re at the Church so often we may have to put you on the payroll!

Also a Big Thanks going out to those who sanitize our church between services! It is greatly appreciated!

Congratulations to Mason Luster on his new job! I hear where ever you go though you just can’t get out of the woods! You grew up in Rockwood, went to church at Kingwood and now since you’ve moved you go to church in Spotswood!

Well now that I’ve touched on folks and situations both near and far it is time for this little mousey to run. I have some Easter goodies to make and some eggs to hide.

Have Blessed Easter Season and may your Easter Baskets be overflowing with Maple, Chocolate and above all love.

The Church Mouse

April & May Birthdays

Apr. 3        Mathew Zerfoss
Apr. 4       Josh Knepper
Apr. 8       Nathan Show
Apr 9        Lolly Peirsel
Apr. 10      Stacey Stahl Robbin
Apr. 11      Harold Kreger Jr., Joshua Rosman
Apr. 14     Jim Weaver
Apr. 18      Kelly Mills
Apr. 21     Kaycie Pletcher
Apr. 22     Christian Weaver
Apr 23      Auzalie  Minor
Apr. 24     Kenny Cipra
Apr. 25     Rosanna Tobias, Mark Lucas Sr.
Apr. 26     Abigail Rosman
Apr. 27     Todd Strelko
Apr. 29     Catherine Houghton
May 1       Brittney Clawson
May 2       Shirley Mullendore
May 3       Barbara Lemmon, Karey Vough
May 4       Gerald Dumbauld
May 7       Nadiya Putman, Fenna Queer
May 9       Kurt Miller
May 10     Brad Pletcher
May 16     Heather Houghton, Drew Younkin
May 17     Aaron Show, Lori Pletcher
May 18     Mitchell Pletcher
May 20     Marsha Tobias
May 22     Merv Yoder
May 23     Emily Kemp
May 26     Gregg Lemmon
May 27     Isaac Moore, Sherri Tobias,Ned Tobias
May 29     Shirley V. Brougher,  Cheryl Pletcher, Stacey Rosman

April & May Anniversaries

Apr. 2        Bob & Sue Koontz
Apr. 5        Chuck & Debra Colflesh
Apr. 6        Blake & Shanda Pletcher
Apr. 26      Richard & Melissa Barry
Apr. 29      Anthony & Hillary Whaley
Apr. 2        Bob & Sue Koontz
Apr. 5        Chuck & Debra Colflesh
Apr. 6        Blake & Shanda Pletcher
Apr. 26      Richard & Melissa Barry
Apr 29       Anthony & Hillary Whaley
May 3        Dan & Angie Weaver
May 4        Rick & Missy Kemp
May 8        Jesse & Amy Moore

Prayer Needs

Families who’ve lost loved ones
God’s People Undergoing Persecution
Covid Pandemic
Essential Workers
Health Issues / Loneliness
People Recently Hospitalized
Those Having Surgeries and Procedures
Our Teachers / Students
Virgil Weaver
Kim Sutton
Pastor Roger Roadman
Ron & Audrey Irwin
Kevin Meyers
Rose Tressler
Sally Locklin
Mark Blasko
Jaci Hay
Ava White
George Metz
Dale Lytle
Dara Yoder
Ben King
Heather Ream’s Relatives
Jennie Hetzer
Stephanie Brougher’s Mother
Scott Mimnaugh
Darla Tressler Wevodau
Randy Yachere
Charlie & Coral Lee Kreger
Helen Lucas
Ralph Younkin
Terry Lawson
Mark & Heather Houghton
Shirley S. Brougher
Jane Hoffman
Pastor Richard Molgaard
Dani Gamble
Nathan Perkins
Reagan Perkins
Katie Fike
Ollie Schultz
Ken Sechler
Pam Burkett
Gerry Cameron
Brady Burnsworth
Stanley Brooks
David Lepley
Nelda Fox
Jim Peck
Barb Rush
Leonard Compton
Alex Singo
Amy Tressler Gonzales
Jim & Marj Weaver
Susan Webster
Helen Ohler
Dave & Farmie Lemmon
Harold & Donna Kreger
Pat & ButchWeaver
Pastor Jack Feick
Lois Darr
Paul & Juanita Hall
Faye Knepper
Kister Family
Althea Lyons
Dale & Shirley Nicklow
Howard & Etta Nicklow
Von Nicklow
Stacey Ream
Naomi Schrock
Roger Shipley
Chase Kemp
Brynn Cashell
Allison Schmuck
Ron & Nancy Sleasman
Alan & Marijka Tubbs
Fred Weimer
Sam Vaughn
Aldara Weimer
Sue Frazee
Lacey Winters
Karey Vough’s Uncle Tim
Joyce Snyder
Andrea Walker
Church Camp
Winebrenner Seminary
Brent & Julie Sleasman
National Day of Prayer Committee
Chatelas Church
Our Missionaries
Nursing Homes
Military / Police / First Responders
Unspoken Needs

Global Reach Missions Updates and Prayers

Check out the new pictures and info on the Missions board at the church!

Weekly missionary prayers are posted every Monday on the church Facebook page for you to pray over!

Travis Helm’s re-scheduled visit!

Global Reach Assistant Director Travis Helm will be with us on Sunday, April 11th, 2021 to bring us an update on India and Bangladesh! All adult Sunday School classes please come to the Sanctuary at the Sunday School hour, 9:30 am, to hear Travis’ presentation.  This information CANNOT be shared on social media, so we will not be live streaming or recording.  Travis will have time to answer questions after he brings his update. We look forward to sharing what God is doing in these 2 countries!


Please keep up your prayers for safety for our missions and the VanDervorts. Violence has risen. Police officers are being murdered. Tensions have increased for all the people of Haiti.  Pray God will heal this land and her people.  Pray for all of our sister churches and their congregation members.


The Kapakus are doing well and feeling blessed and well cared for by the Lord!  Their congregation has taken some hits with job losses, but the Lord provided all they needed during this time! Pastor Dave asks for continued prayer for the tourist industry to resume as it is the main source of income for many.  He asks for the availability of more COVID tests and for the cost to go down. He is thankful they are able to gather once more with precautions in place. He says that even with the pandemic, their church surpassed their 2020 budget, even with expenditures of misc projects!  They are planning to increase their mission funding to the conference. What a testimony of faith and obedience!  God bless them!

Dominican Republic

Praise God!  All of the legal paperwork for the conference is finally complete! They are now officially and legally associated with the Churches of God Conference!  It has been a long and arduous process, but praise God it is at an end! Our ministry in the D.R. will be able to rise to new levels now.  Praise for the motorcycle that was purchased by the Higher Hope Church in NY. This will aid Pastor Fremios ministry in getting to places that cars cannot go!  Pastor Brigida is doing well. After the destruction of the massive flooding last year, she lost most everything she owned, but she is back in her home and has resumed services!  Pray for all of our Pastor’s and congregations!

Helping Hands
Helping Hands Prayer Needs for April

Nelda Fox 185 Faidley Road  Markleton, PA 15551
Sally Locklin  Richland Woods Apt. 111, 3324 Elton Road  Johnstown, PA 15904

ramblings & recipes

Happy April – Spring is here!  I’ve been thinking about Easter Dinner.  Do you have traditions for your Easter Dinner?….Ham or Turkey, Pickled Eggs or Deviled Eggs, what’s the best treat at your Easter Dinner?  I love traditions AND family gatherings!  Don’t give up traditions – keep them alive in your family!  Don’t give up getting together as families – enjoy your time together, never miss an opportunity to share with your family.

Here’s a recipe I think would be a wonderful addition to your Easter Family Dinner.  (Or any dinner, picnic, or covered dish gathering)  It takes some time to prepare – but is well worth your efforts!

Acini di Pepe Salad

1 Cup Acini di Pepe Pasta 1 Cup White Sugar
1  20 oz. Can Crushed Pineapple 2 Eggs, beaten
1  15 oz. Can Mandarin Oranges ½ tsp. Salt
1  8 oz. Container Frozen Whipped Topping 3 Tbsp. Flour

7 oz. mini marshmallows 1 10 oz. jar Maraschino Cherries

Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil.  Add the pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente.  Drain and put in a 9×13 glass baking dish.

Drain and reserve the juice from the pineapple and oranges. – You’ll need 1 ½ cups.

In a medium saucepan, combine the juices with the sugar, beaten eggs, salt and flour.  Cook until thick, stirring constantly.  When the mixture becomes thick, add it to the cooked pasta – stirring well, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Refrigerate the pineapple and oranges.

The next day, add the pineapple and oranges, the whipped topping and the marshmallows to the pasta mixture and mix all well (stir lightly).  Drain the cherries – place on a paper towel until juice drains – you may stir them into the salad or place them on top.  Transfer salad to a bowl – keep chilled until ready to serve!

I hope you enjoy this recipe – give it a try.  Some people are surprised by the pasta in a fruity salad.  It’s very refreshing!  Happy Easter!  – – –  Christ Arose!



Do You Remember When???

 Here are 5 old fashioned sayings our parents and grandparents used, but are rarely used today.

Dressed to the Nines!
Meaning:  Wear your best clothes and look sharp.
Origin:  When a rich man hired a tailor to make a new suit.
The more cloth they used the better the suit, 9 yards being top.

The whole 9 yards!
Meaning.:  Trying to do your very best.
Getting everything your entitled
to from a purchase.

Origin:  World War 2 fighter pilots were given 9 yard belts of ammunition
for their guns. Their goal was to use the whole 9 yards

Mind your P’s and Q’s!
Meaning:  Behave yourselves. Watch your manners.
Origin:  Unfortunately this goes back to the early English times when men
drank too much and had a hard time getting home. So their wives
would admonish them to mind their P’s (pints) and Q’s (quarts)
before they left for the pub. Some things never change, do they?

Kick the bucket!
Meaning:  Simply, to pass away or die.
Origin:  Buckets were put under cows when they were hand milked. Unfortunately, the cow would often kick the bucket, spilling the precious milk.

Worth an arm and a leg!
Meaning:  Expensive. Precious.
Origin:  Portrait painters would charge by how much of the body they painted for the client. Most would get a head and torso painting. If they
added arms and legs the price went up.

Church Library News

ATTENTION:  Ten large print books have been added to the library for those who prefer the larger print.  We check availability of large print books often but they are not as obtainable as regular print books.  The names of the new books and a review of each book can be found on the wooden library desk.  You will want to check out the list to decide which book you will want to read first.

We have been reviewing the current books on the shelves and have discovered many books that have never been read or only read by a few people.  In an effort to get them off the shelves and into your hands, we are going to highlight many of them in the contact over the next several months.  We are hoping some information about each book will pique your interest and the books will be more widely used.

Highlights for April

Mail Oder Bride series by Lace, Al and JoAnna Lacey
#3 The Tender Flame
#7 Sincerely Yours and #8 A Measure of Grace 2 in 1 volume

Although these books are in a series, each fiction novel is about a different woman and her experience as a mail order bride.  In 1859 it was estimated that there was one woman to every 200 men west of the Missouri River.  It did not take long to capitalize on the gender imbalance with personal ads in newspapers for a mail order bride.  Years later fiction writers also capitalized on the mail order brides.  Read all about it in the above-mentioned series

Belmont Mansion series by Alexander, Tamera

#1  A Lasting Impression
#2  A Beauty So Rare
#3  A Note Yet Unsung

Again, a series where all are stand alone novels meaning each is a complete story in itself.  Nashville’s historic Belmont Mansion is the back-drop for the series.  Belmont Mansion is currently open to the public and is also known as Acken Hall.  Architecturally it was one of the most significant homes of the 19th century and one of the most elaborate in the south.   Alexander placed romance and intrigue among the mansion’s history.

Mark Your Calendars…

Providing the covid restrictions are lifted, there will be a FREE Luncheon for area retirees on Thursday May 6, 2021, 12:00 noon at the Fellowship Center.  This will just be a time to enjoy lunch and fellowship with other retirees.  Space is limited and reservations are necessary (First-come, First-serve).  Please sign the list in the hallway or call 814-926-4207 or 814-445-4955 to reserve your space.  Retiree Caregivers are also welcome with a reservation and a $5.00/person donation at the door.  The last day to make your reservation is Sunday May 2, 2021.


March 8, 2021
Tim Latuch led the devotions with the scripture reading of 2 Corinthians 5:17.


All Reports submitted were accepted as written.  Motion carried.

Fellowship Center Usage

Walkfit – 12
Midweek – 4
Council – 1
Shut in Dinner – 2
Soup Sale – 2
Batting practice King – 1
Total – 22

A motion was made and seconded to continue with the sanitization of the church between services.

A motion was made and seconded to maintain the pew separation on one side of the sanctuary and to open up all pews on the opposite side.

Review of 5 Year Plan.  Dean Hay has notified a contractor to give an estimate for the replacement of the church roof.  The cleaning of the steeple will also be addressed.

The replacement of the parsonage electrical box was completed March 8th.

Maundy Thursday Communion service will take place with the disposable cups.

Sunrise Service will include the breakfast.  The servers will wear masks when proportioning out the food.  Motion was passed.

“Saturate USA” is a new program presented to the local ministerium.  The goal is to get the word of God into all homes through a video and pamphlet.  The contents would be bagged and placed on the doorknobs of the houses with the 15551 zip code.   Pastor Monticue will gather more details prior to April’s Council meeting.

Spring Clean-Up Workdays – Church grounds will take place on Thursday, April 15th at 6pm with rain date set for Tuesday, April 20th.  The Fellowship Center workday is set for Thursday, April 22nd at 6 pm, with rain date Tuesday, April 27th.

Workdays/Work Evenings – Fellowship Center date is set for Tuesday, May 11th at 6pm with rain date Thursday, May 13th.   Church workday will be held Tuesday, May 18th at 6pm, with rain date Thursday, May 20th.  The goal is to accomplish items from established work list.

Quarterly Meals for Shut – Ins.  A motion was made and seconded to allot $2500 a year towards the cost of providing a seasonal meal to the retirees and shut – ins.

Basketball Hoop – A motion was made and seconded to replace the basketball hoop at the fellowship center at the cost of $543.

Insolation of the AC and heating duct work in the church attic needs to be done to help avoid ice build up on roof.

The council will look at resolving a drainage issue at the fellowship center on the back side of the north wing.

A request from Children and Youth was given to help with donations for a family in need.

Respectfully submitted by Cathy Phillippi, Clerk


  Church Staff

James Monticue, Senior Pastor
Vince Show, Director of Children’s Ministries
Carey Beth King, Secretary
Church Website:
Church Phone Number:  (814) 926-4429

Sunday Morning Worship
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