The Contact

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The Contact June 2019

The Contact
The Newsletter of the Church of God
June, 2019


Graduation is here, you’ve really come far,
Rejoice and be happy, accept who you are.
Address every day with purpose and aim,
Decide what you want, make living your game.
Understand and discover, always be true,
The world is your canvas,
Inviting and new.
Opportunity awaits you,
Just walk through the door,
New moments each day are yours to explore.

-Author Unknown


We all have our days where we feel we can’t survive.
Sometimes dreams are shattered,
Friendships may fall apart.
Loved ones may hurt us.
Finances may worry us.
Sickness may overtake us.
We may even lose people we love.
But God will ALWAYS be there to guide us
Through even the toughest of times.
Never lose FAITH!
Hold onto HOPE!
Trust in God ALWAYS!
Hope has a name,
His name is JESUS!


Church Mouse

Deb Tannehill: What’s this I hear about you having had a pet dinosaur? Just a little something I picked up from Brookes Vough & Pastor Jim!

Speaking of PJ & the Vough family: I hear when Karey Vough left some eggs on the parsonage porch for Melanie Pastor Jim thought the Easter Bunny had visited! You need to know Karey has very talented chickens – they lay colored eggs!

 All kidding aside I have it from a very reputable source that PJ almost went into a happy dance (I would pay to see that!!) when he saw the Greek words and the way Pastor Vince’s Sunday School class was working with them

 What a great job the men did at the Living Last Supper! A big thanks for helping to make the Easter season so much more meaningful! Also a big “Thank You” to the Deaconesses and all who helped with the setup and tear down!

 Speaking of Deaconesses, I wonder which Deaconess sneaked into the Men’s Room Memorial Day Sunday to borrow the trash can for the used communion cups? Anyone want to confess?

 I hear of all things that Pastor Jim came through with a nail file for Natalie King at one of her softball games?!? I was wondering if he had compromised his masculinity until I found out it was on a Leatherman Micra Multitool. By the way Greg & Carey Beth I have it on good authority (if you want to consider PJ as such) that Natalie would appreciate one of these appearing in her Christmas Stocking. They are the perfect gift for both genders!

 Speaking of masculinity, Andrew Weaver: It isn’t uncommon for people (even tough guys) to have something to cuddle up with at night: a teddy bear, or stuffed bunny, or something like that. Some people may prefer their cat or puppy – but a live blacksnake .?.?.? Even if your brother Garrett may have been named Male Spotlight Athlete of the Week (and congratulations to him on that!!!)-You may have just won the prize for being the manliest man in the County? State? Country? World?

Best wishes to our Graduating Seniors!

Also best wishes to Heather & Emma Ream on their Mission Trip to Peru! Our prayers go with you. Better watch out Dan! They may come back wanting to start a herd of llamas and alpacas.

It’s wonderful to see the new Barbecue Pit underway at the Fellowship Center. Don’t forget our Chicken Barbecue coming up the 3rd Saturday in July. (Number 60 I believe!) Lots of help is needed! See Melanie or Cheryl: They’ll be glad to put you to work!

Well folks, this little Mousie has to run. (Don’t want Andrew Weaver’s pet blacksnake to get me!) Summer Blessings to all!

Your Friend, The Church Mouse

July 20 – Chicken BBQ at FC

July 21-25 – VBS (Roar) 6:00 to 8:15 at FC – Supper will be available Mon-Thur at 5:30.  Any questions, contact Kerri (926-2386) or Carissa (926-2112).

June 26 – There will be a joint service at Laurel Hill State Park (Lakeview &Willis Pavilions) with Kingwood and New Centerville churches at 5:30 p.m. We will have a covered dish picnic (hotdogs, buns & condiments provided) with a short devotion to follow. Also lots of activities to enjoy in the park! Hope to see everyone there! Come fellowship with your sister Church! Please sign up if you plan to attend.

The Super Seniors will be having a Strawberry Social on June 22, 2019 from 6:00 -8:00 p.m. at the fellowship center.  Please sign up by June 16 so we know how many are coming.  It is free and all are welcome.

An order for NEW Kingwood Fellowship Center t-shirts is being planned.  Watch the bulletin and the table in the vestibule for details.  All shirts must be preordered.  We are also ordering Kingwood Church of God hats.

There will be a 5-Day Club sponsored by CEF held at the home of Connie Pletcher the week of June 24th-28th from 2-3:30 p.m.  5-Day Club is a week long Bible Club for children ages 5-12 where children sing songs, play games, have snack and hear an exciting Bible lesson and missionary story- all to learn more about the Lord Jesus!  If you have questions, please call Connie Pletcher at 926-2034.

Women’s Bible Study is looking for two (2) teachers for upcoming fall studies!  One evening and one morning leader, if possible.  Having additional teachers allows us to keep class sizes small to promote connection and discussion.  It also allows us to offer more women an opportunity to join! Please talk with Karey Vough for more information:  (814)969-2817 cell or

We are funded for our trip to Peru!! When I saw the amount that we needed to raise, I was initially hesitant. But, by taking a step in faith and putting it in God’s hands, we have been blessed to see the generosity of those that love us! Thank you just isn’t enough. Please pray that God will continue to equip us with just what we need, whether it be spiritual, physical, mental or emotional preparedness. THANK YOU for your financial support! –  Heather and Emma Ream

Life isn’t all about getting what you need from people. Sometimes you’re put with someone because you have what they need.

June Birthdays

June 1       Vincent Show
June 2       Renee’ Strelko
June 3       Olivia Moore, Bill Peirsel, Barbara Pletcher
June 6       Diann Vecere
June 6       Betty Clawson and Melissa Vough
June 7       Blair Younkin
June 10     Sharron King
June 13     Eli Walker
June 15     Eli Show
June 17     Natasha Dumbauld
Nathan Faidley
June 19 Ralph E. Younkin
June 20 Renee’ Moore
June 21 Nicholas Faidley
June 23 John Younkin
June 24 Ashley Gray
June 30 Mark Houghton
Dan Ream

June Anniversaries

June 1       Ben & Sherri Tobias
June 2       Brad & Lori Pletcher
June 3       Jack & Barbara Pletcher
June 5       Wayne & Cheryl Pletcher
June 9       Drew & Melanie Younkin
June 11     Tim & Lindsay Latuch
June 12     Harold & Donna Kreger
June 13     Charlie & Fenna Pletcher
June 14     Charles & Coral Lee Kreger
Mark & Vanessa Lucas
June 16 Peggy Kreger
June 19 Bill & Shirley Metheney
June 21 Chris & Allie Colflesh
June 25 Pastor Jim & Melanie

July Birthdays

July 1        Arthur Brougher Jr. and Mark Lucas
July 2        Cathy Schmuck and Dan Weaver
July 3        Dustin Gray
July 8        Angie Mitchell
July 9        Gianna Rosman
July 14      Coral Lee Kreger
July 16      Abram Minor
July 18      Patricia Weaver
July 19      Amber Lemmon
July 22      Luella Pletcher
July 24      Landon Strelko
July 26      Elliot Pletcher and Pat Younkin
July 29 Donna Kreger and Owen Moore
July 30 James Meyers
July 31 Wyatt Pletcher

July Anniversaries

July 20      Arthur & Shirley Brougher
July 24      Vincent & Kerri Show
Todd & Renee’ Strelko
John & Trista Younkin
July 26      Tom & Kelly Mills
July 27      Greg & Carey Beth King
Scott & Peggy Kreger

Prayer Needs

Families who have lost loved ones

Pastor Tobias
Don Carolus
Frank Singo
Ralph Younkin
Dennis Butler
Lewis Lytle
Naomi Schrock
Alex Singo
Betty Clawson’s sister – Joan
Stephen Walker
Jacob Sechler
Dr. Jack Kineer
Carol Johnson
Rose Hostetler
Ken Cipra
Carolyn – Cipra’s Daughter
Allison Schmuck
Shane Weiland
Jim Peck
Clarence Duppstadt
Noah Robbin
Loretta Sechler
Marijka Tubbs
Ricky Sanner
Peggie Ream’s brother
PA Laus
Jim & Marj Weaver
Dean Brant
Ron Sleasman
Mary Nicklow
Judy Diamond
Unspoken Serious Requests

Church Camp
Winebrenner Seminary
Brent & Julie Sleasman
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Chatelas Church
Our Missionaries
Safe Travel
First Responders
Moral Climate
Our Church
Fellowship Center

Trellis Tressler
Kirk Moore
Jim Pritts
Lois Baker
Ieleen Harrold
Nelda Fox
Althea Lyons
Donna Kreger
Jeremy Jones
Barb Rush
Laura DeHaven Nichols
Lori Cipra’s Brother
General Powell
George Hoffman
Alex McClintock
Dale Bloom
Royal & Faye Knepper
Jim & Kelly Saylor
J & B Hurd
Ned Tobias
Ron Tobias
Louise Kreger
Chase Kemp
Colton Tinsmith
Pat Younkin
Easton Pritts
Brynn Grayson
Oraweic’s Daughter Trudi
Ron & Audrey Irwin
Butch & Pat Weaver
Amy Tressler Gonzales
Bob & Tomilee Will
Susan Webster


Church Staff

James Monticue, Senior Pastor
Paul Tobias, Pastor Emeritus
Vince Show, Director of Children’s Ministries
Carey Beth King, Secretary

Church Website

Church Phone Number  (814) 926-4429

Sunday Morning Worship
8:15 a.m. First Worship Service
9:30 a.m. Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Second Worship Service
7:00 p.m. Evening Worship Service