Church Camp Program

It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that our Church Camp Program for this summer has been cancelled. You need to know that this decision was not made easily or lightly, but prayerfully and seeking the mind of God, with the health and safety of campers and staff foremost in mind.

    A number of other factors entered into this decision. First: Remembering that the Church Camp is located in Maryland, and comes under Maryland rules and policies which are typically more stringent and restrictive than Pennsylvania’s there is no guarantee that the Camp would be allowed to open in time for the camping season. In fact, at this point in time, it seems rather doubtful.

    As the Committee tried to do everything in it’s power to avoid cancellation consideration was given to attempting to hold camp later in the summer. As this plan was considered a number of problems arose. First, we have no guarantee as to when the Church Camp will be permitted to reopen. 

    Secondly, a large number of people who would have been serving on staff are now off work due to the governmental imposed restrictions on work places. Many of these people have already been told not to plan on taking any time off this summer once they are back to work. Others are unable to reschedule vacation plans that had to be submitted to their employers at the beginning of the year.

    This is a very disappointing development that no one, least of all the committee who had to make the decision, wanted to see happen. This is a time for us as the people of God to be supportive of one another in prayer no matter how disappointed we may be.

    Please be in prayer for the Camping Community, the leaders of our Region and denomination and of the local church as we all work together in an environment and circumstances none of us have ever experienced before